Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ah! Sadly this blogger thang doesn't let me to add pictures for some reason. So I shall do updates when it allows me to kays dearies! Gosh! it has been a whole day that blogger's ditching me! =O

By the way! I found a very nice blog, she is very good at mix and matching her clothes. So do check her out! You could learn a few things on another step ahead to be the more fashionable you!
*not stressing on accessories here*


This blog will never bore you! As she comes with creative ways to work her clothes!
I was amazed!

-updates will go on when blogger lets me >.< -

Monday, October 27, 2008

Flying High

How adorable! Little chicks on your ears! These ear studs are so cute right! Agree with me! =)
All her stuff are 100% handmade from scratch! Get adorable already!

RM10 (You can order in bulk too!)

These two are just good enough to eat! Look! The strawberry tart has ICING sauce? It looks delicious alright! And the biscuits looks so real yea? Remakes are always possible in that shop by the way! *drools* it makes me hungry! =) Get to her site for more!

RM 10 (delicious!)
Red bangles! The red colour really reminds me of devil wears prada kind of red! So glamorous with the cuts which brings more reflections and all. Just good to wear wherever you're heading!

RM 4 (RM 6 for two!!)
Jasz's Jewelery Box
The colour scheme reminds me of my prom night theme back in high school, Winter Wonderland. LoL! But this is more like *starry starry night* Get all dreamy with your wishes upon a star already!

RM 25 (perfect!)
Adornment Alley
She is really bringing one type per day I think :P and its all great! Look at this reverse navel rings! I've always been wanting a reverse navel ring for so long! So pretty right? With the sprinkles of paint drops or something!

RM 50 (more designs on their post)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to nature

Dwotties Pixel Arts (and Clayties)
Wow! She really does have the magical touch dont you think? I can imagine this being worn with your LBD or even tees! or even your vintage looking dress up days!! Just so sweet and romantic yea? Kneaded with love! Oh, she actually made this for herself, so just mail her for remaking!

RM17 (What! Steal now!) Carrots? These aren't things that comes up everyday no? So cute! Just dangling down your ears! Careful though, someone might be tempted to eat it! *grins* What a healthy snack! And oh! This is made out of a different clay that she normally use! Air dry clay? Cool! So creative!

RM 13 (Just so adorable right? She does custom making as well!)
Handphone charms! No matter which one you choose out of these 3, they are just equally gorgeous! With natural pearls on the daisies, acrylic beads and pewter charms! So beautiful! Beautify your phone with this!

RM 9.90 (charming!)

chains chains chains...!! :D

Made from faux pearls, smokey quartz nuggets, freshwater pearls. This beautiful necklace is just made to perfection doesn't it? So elegant! I just love the colour of it! Don't you? =)

RM 55 (For a perfect night out!)
Hey princess! This bracelet says it all yea? With the royal colour, a touch of purple and black, a crown pendant and all the rest that brings it to the "oh so royal" look :) Crowns are my other obsession besides dragonflies FYI =)
RM 18.90 (Would you want to be a princess already?)

Charm bracelets, I dont think this awesome trend will die out anytime soon! Reminds me of Thomas Sabo charm bracelets which I simply adore! Just that that one would cost hundreds and hundreds of RM!!! Oh! And you can create your own charm bracelets too! How awesome!
RM 34.90 (For a Thomas Sabo inspired looking charm? Get it now!!)

Friday, October 24, 2008


Earrings with shells and different coloured stones, as you know they always use beautiful treasured stones, this pair looks like an angel to me! Doesn't it? With a white dress, blue and red wings~ LoL! Or is it just my imagination? Anyhoos, these are so beautiful no matter where you're heading. You'll be getting compliments from many!
RM 26 (Just perfect!)
With pearls and beautiful blue stones, this one just screams "I AM GORGEOUS!" I can imagine this worn with your LBD! And this pair of earrings will just match just right!
RM25 (Buy 3 pairs and get 10% disc)

Adornment Alley
This is for the daring ladies, eyebrow piercings! Comes in all 4 with different unique design! Such a bargain dont you think? And it comes with a free jewel case!

RM 57 (Definitely affordable!)

Lovin' your double C logo? Chanel inspired earrings here darls'! Get all sparkly with the stars and the blings of the Chanel logo! Great for clubbing, parties and even fancy dinners!
RM 28

Colours in my eyes!

Adornment Alley
You have a sexy toungue piercing? Lucky you! I'd love to have it, just too sissy to do it LOL! This is just like the navel rings in the previous posts she updated, and here comes the tongue ring edition! Get sexy everyday with a different tongue ring!

RM55 (Comes in 8 colours)

She always comes up wsith cute stuff doesn't she? Look at this jelly like rainbow beads! They look so delicious that it looks good enough to eat! Not too big and not too small, this thing is just perfect for you wherever you're heading!

Printed on brass necklace! I have never seen these before, and they are so appealing to the eyes!! The boyshirt is sold, so do act fast to grab the "runaway from exam"!!!

RM 27 (How rare are these items?? =D)

So pretty! She really does bring lots of beautiful charm bracelets this time round! Look at this one! So travellicious! Eiffel tower, Tower of Pisa, European telephone box, a map, Hollywood name thingy :p and ah! So many more! Just gorgeous with the gold!

RM 37 (Gorgeous!)

OoO! Would u look at that! Somebody's hittin' the beach alright! A Malibu Gold sun tan lotion, tyre, sunnies, camera, beach ball and an umbrella! Beautiful in gold! Ah.. wonderful!

RM 37 (available in silver too)

EDIT: I love my dragonfly navel ring Adornment Alley!! =) Great stuff!

Great Essentials

So pretty! Look at that flower already! A ring attatched to the bracelet? So ethnic right! I can imagine this being worn for Deepavali celebration already *tee hee*. The purple colour is so elegant and so refreshing!

Ah! For the mothers to be! I have never seen this in Malaysia at all! So, pregnant mothers to be, thank Adornment Alley!!! Your Belly can look awesomely sexy even when you're pregnant! And you dont even have to take off your navel ring for the great 9 months experience!

RM20 (WOW! I feel like buying for the future 10 years to come already! LoL! Steal!)

This beautiful necklace is so mermaid like right? Well, maybe that's because I just watched Aquamarine again. Anyway! This is a handmade necklace made by Stephanie! Great for you girls who're planning to go to the beach! Or even simply loving starfish!

RM 18.90 (Its chain is white gold plated!!)

Another one of Stephanie's handmade creation! Gold plated chains with glass beads and cute butterfly pendant! Such a charming bracelet! Dont you want to own one already? Head on to her site to see more!

RM 18.90 (SO worthed! Handmade and gold plated!! =O )

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colour coded

Halloween's on its way near!! So get into the mood even with your own funky contact lenses! Planning to be a catwoman that day? I see a cat eye contact lense there!! And so affordable! Head on there already!

(Refer prices through image)
So Blair right! They are handmade too! Oh oh! They'll be coming out with more options though, think BIG BOW!! I want one!!! =D So sweet and adorable right, especially with the cute ribbon on top, you'll look like snow white in no time!

(Refer prices through image) - Shuper steal!

Adornment Alley
How creative is this? Navel rings with exchangeable ornament. Different designs everyday, depending on your mood, how great is that! Head on there now! Many colours to choose from!

RM 90 (Such a steal for 10 different ornaments and 1 belly ring! WOW!)

Monday, October 20, 2008


Yay! My first review on hair accessories! These hair bands are so cute! The colours are so delicious right? Even the names are "green pear" and "red apple"! Just by looking at it, it makes you want to try it on! So get one of 'em, enjoy the beauty for yourself! =)

RM 6 (Such a steal!!)
A Fashion Story
For those who are in love, this will so show your emotions! And as for guys who might be reading this and would like to get attention of the girl you have a crush on, this is so the perfect gift! She'll be jumping for joy!

RM 14.50 (It's after 15% discount!)
This looks so Juicy Couture yeah? Even though it might just be a replica, this will just do the trick! Affordable yet stylish, isn't it what we all would want out of online shopping anyway? With 8 charms dangling down, this will sure do just the thing to create attention! Colourful with gold chain! Like what they say... "Gold is love!" well as for me its more like "Gold is luurrvvee..." =)

RM 35 (Omg! Bring the Juicy Couture in you already!)

Twinkle Town

Hong's Fashion Wardrobe
Look! Ballet shoes charms! Can be made into pendants, charms and even hand phone hangers! Wow! Get yourself one already! So sweet, adorable and... sweet! I believe your friends will be asking you and complimenting you about your phone! I used to learn ballet once, ahh.. good times good times.. doesn't it bring you those happy memories already?

RM 35 (For this quality, its worthed =) )
Are you crazy about owning a rocking horse necklace pendant? I am! I've been looking for a perfect rocking horse necklace, and this seem to be pretty perfect to me! If you're just like me, head on there to order one! Or maybe two!

RM 15 (Such a steal! Why not? )
Banana Biscuits
Ahh.. Those geeky specs that are so in style now! Now you not only get to wear it for your eyes, you can wear it for a necklace too! How awesome! With detailed pendants and lace ribbons, and its all wrapped up on a beaded chain, great touch!

RM20 (Last colour, and maybe... last piece! )
Closet Alert
Look at this piece! Amethyst necklace with pink flower glass beads, I can so imagine going to a glamorous dinner with this, everyone will be eyeing on you! So if you were to have a dinner party/wedding party/other elegant parties, or even just to go clubbing, this will be the perfect solution for you! This will bring the glamorous side in you! =)

RM 27 (Great affordable price! )

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Giveaway!!!

This is for all you girls out there who loves HANDMADE JEWELERIES and ACCESSORIES!!
Jpbeads have decided to give away three (3) USD10 (RM32) virtual gift certificates which you can use to buy from their etsy shop! Such a great way to save up on buying the upcoming christmas presents no?

So here's the catch!
"All you have to do is to join our feedburner email subscription list (if you have not done some already) AND leave a comment here about your favorite item(s)." - Jpbeads

This contest will end on October 31st and 3 lucky winners will be chosen randomly on 1st November 2008! So head on there, join their subcription list, and tell them which item you like! That simple!

Read more at: http://jpbeads.blogspot.com/2008/10/giveaway.html

Edit: The virtual gift certificate can be used for purchases from Jpbeads blog or the etsy shop.

Tasty sweets

Elegant And Vintage
Lolipops on your ears? These are so adorable, look at how the gold colour and the cream colour compliment each other! And the bling? Such a plus. They just bring awesome stuff dont they? Girlify yourself with this!

RM 18
Dont you think this is such a great piece of work? The colours are so fresh, and sweet they look good enough to eat! So eyecatching dont you think? I'm actually thinking of getting it! LOL!

RM 6 (This is a real steal babes!)

**To all e-shop owners who sells accessories (even to owners who sells both clothes & accessories) do drop me an email at hypnoticcharms@gmail.com and I'll review your blog! Any inquiries on anything, just mail me too!

Mixture Post

My Kedai Runcit
I know I have mentioned that she updated on Halloween Fluff, however I read back on what she had written on her post, " I'll will not re-produce it anymore! so grab it now!!!" So.. don't tell me that I didn't warn you! They are adorable and limited babes! Grab it now!

RM 8 (Squeals!!!! =D)
Accessories Lover
This adjustable bracelet brings an ethnic aura don't you think? Glamorous, culture looking, and look at how the workmanship is in this piece! Fabulous! The ingredients to this glamorous piece: Carnelian, Turquoise, Jasper, Jade & Turquoise. Doesn't it spell glamorous already?

RM 42 (Hey! They're made of semi-precious stones! Awesome!)

Pretty Blue

Elegant and Vintage
Flower power has been on our clothes these days no? So match 'em up with a flower power earring too! They have it in many different colours, and they are similar with the earrings that a Taiwanese actress/singer, Rainie Yang, wore! So why not steal her style! So elegant with all those stones!

RM12 (OMG! Steal!)

Charming Pieces
Look at how delicate this piece is! All the details with the Swarovski bicones, flower spacers, charms, chains! Wow! This will sure make you look like "the girl who looks elegant that night" on everyone's mind! And hey, it's "made with love" just like what was written on the heart pendant! How sweet!

RM 34.90 (For swarovksi bicones, flower spacers, charms and chains?! This worth every cent!)

**To all e-shop owners who sells accessories (even to owners who sells both clothes & accessories) do drop me an email at hypnoticcharms@gmail.com and I'll review your blog! Any inquiries on anything, just mail me too!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Attention Catcher

Now now... for me, these handmade items are to die for! Just look at how adorable these fruity creationsare! I just really have a thing with handmade items... well they could have some flaws here and there, but just to think that every single parts and details are actually done by a person, all the thoughts put in and so on! So these are so the things to add in your collection don't you think? They even do customizations for you girls who would like something more meaningful, head on there now!

Fruit cake slice: RM 7 (So versatile! Can be made to necklace, keychins and more!)
Apple earring: RM 12 ( so adorable!!!)

Adornment Alley
I personally have a thing with dragonflies! They just look SO awesome don't yo think? The elegance of it, just look at the blings! Well.. since I have a crazy thing with dragonflies, I've reserved this one for myself, tee hee... but dont worry girls, they are RESTOCKABLE!

RM 55 (obviously cheaper than getting it on other existing piercing shops in malls)

My Kedai Runcit
She makes just the most adorable hand-stitched keychains! Remakes are possible, so don't worry (because they have been both reserved). And she had just updated with her Halloween edition! So hop on there!

RM 9 (SO worth it for a handmade keychain, full of love! and STRAWBERRIES!)